TUE/WED/THU 14/09-16/09


A new music festival, showcasing contemporary creative expressions inspired by the musical traditions of Greece, the Mediterranean and the Balkans, is coming to Thessaloniki!


ANOPOLIS WORLD MUSIC FESTIVAL invites you to a three-day celebration in the scenic alley ways, side streets and squares around Ano Poli that are all just waiting to be explored!

Transforming the historic neighborhood into a concert space and creating a new harmonic soundscape amid the traditional old town environment, the festival will host various small musical groups and solo performances that will take place simultaneously in three different local spots.

ANOPOLIS WORLD MUSIC FESTIVAL aims to be a space of creative expression for artists that draw inspiration from the musical traditions of the area. Our festival proposes a modern interpretation of tradition through innovative musical creation, experimentation, and improvisation. At the same time, by promoting this new approach and opening attendance to all, we seek to facilitate the interaction between musicians and the public, and to acquaint and involve our youth with the art of music.

Our goal is to become a cultural institution in Thessaloniki, serving the community as a live and vibrant organization that permeates the city’s social reality and evolves according to the needs of the times.

The festival is organized by the non-profit organization olipoli, in collaboration with the Third Municipal District of the Municipality of Thessaloniki, and with the financial support of the Hellenic Ministry of Culture and Sports.