«From Asia Minor to Northern Evia»


Seventeen refugee settlements were integrated into Northern Evia. Four out of these transformed into separate refugee villages that took their names from respective regions of Asia Minor: Neos Pirgos, Neo Mousarli, Nea Egin, Nea Sinasos.

Refugees from Prokopi of Cappadocia, Makri and Livisi, Marmara, the region of Smyrna, Ardassa in Pontus, Michaniona in the area of Kyzikos in Propontis, and Yosgati in the far reaches of Asia Minor, settled in Northern Evia, bringing along their traditions and know-how, and breathing new life into the place.

A performance combining the screening of stories of present-day descendants of refugees and archival photographs with the live presentation of original compositions based on the rhythms and melodies of Asia Minor, attempts to capture the contribution of refugees to the shaping of this place’s new identity, taking the audience on a journey across a past yet recent space-time continuum.

Creative team
Idea, text selection, production direction: Tessie Giannakina
Research: Alexandros Kalemis
Video direction, editing: Alexandros Vozinidis
Composition, orchestration: Vangelis Vrachnos, Periklis Vrachnos
Musicians onstage: Andriana Achitzanova Petala (ney), Makis Baklatzis (violin), Nikos Varelas (percussion), Vangelis Vrachnos (double bass), Periklis Vrachnos (lavta, viola), Elena Moudiri Hasiotou (vocals, percussion)
Narrator onstage: Elena Moudiri Chasiotou
Sound & lighting: Nikos Mpelmezos

Excerpts from the following books will be heard: "Among the Dead" (Angelos Drosos), "Kireas of Evia", "Neos Pyrgos", "The homelands of the refugees of Evia 80 years later", "Taxiarchis" (Alexandros Kalemis), "Oreoi, my homeland » (research group of Oreoi primary school, with the collaboration of Alexandros Kalemis)

Visual arts-performance, on the 2nd and 3rd of August, at 21:00, at the Vlachothanasis Residence, Northern Evia.

Free entrance. Reservation required at the following link:

Όλη η Ελλάδα ένας Πολιτισμός Δήμος Ιστιαίας-Αιδηψού Δήμος Μαντουδίου - Λίμνης - Αγίας Άννας