A community of Music & Research

Musical traditions of Greece, the Balkans and the Eastern Mediterranean, and their contemporary expressions

The idea started in the summer of 2020 in Thessaloniki, in response to the need to create a community of musical expression and creation that will form a key reference point for the cultural, educational and research ecosystem of the city.

The cultural diversity of Thessaloniki is an indisputable part of its identity. The city, as a crossroads, may serve both as a passage and a permanent home for people of different backgrounds who carry and leave traces of their culture, shaping and transforming its contemporary cultural mosaic. History, socio-political events, different habits, trends and ideas interact and merge. Music is the witness of all these changes and social fermentation.

olipoli enters the alleys and neighborhoods of the city, gets inspired by its multicultural wealth and gives space to its expression. Its team organizes group workshops for adults and children, seminars, lectures, educational programs, open rehearsals, concerts and festivals, and undertakes the production of musical and artistic activities, establishing a network of musicians, artists, academics, students, organizations and anyone interested in the art of music.

Focusing on the cultivation of music performance and listening to music, as well as the production of artistic, educational and research work, olipoli promotes and strengthens the cooperation and coexistence of different communities and organizations of Thessaloniki, creating focal points of expression within the city.